Sterling Ridge

The Village of Sterling Ridge was opened during The Woodlands’ 25th Anniversary year, and was named in honor of the occasion.

Situated in the heart of The Woodlands, Sterling Ridge is home to the 18-hole Gary Player Signature Championship golf course, designed by the legend himself.

The village has 8,858 residents and 3,360 homes. The parks in Sterling Ridge are also among the newest. Cranebrook Park, Terramont Park, Carlton Woods Park and Artist Grove Park feature many outstanding recreational amenities. Cranebrook has a fun water park, Terramont has a Frisbee golf course, skateboarding and ‘bark’ park and Carlton Woods features a pond with pop fountains.

Shopping: Sterling Ridge Village Center

Neighborhoods in Sterling Ridge: Abram Woods, Archwyck, Artist Grove, Ashbury Square, Bantam Woods, Bardsbrook, Bonny Branch, Bryce Branch, Burberry Park, Cardinal Point, Carmeline, Chantsong, Columbia Crest, Degas Park, Dulcet Hollow, French Oak, Frontera, Galway, Garnet Bend, Gary Glen, Knightsgate, Ledgestone, Marquise Oaks, Millsap, Nocturne Woods, Old Sterling, Oriel Oaks, Pendleton Park, Pepperdale, Player Bend, Player Point, Player Woods, Queenscliff, Regan Mead, Regan Mead Way, Rembrandt Way, Rhapsody Bend, Scribewood, Seasons Trace, Shale Creek, Silvermont, Southern Garden, Spindle Tree, Spruce Canyon, St. Peter’s Gate, Star Ridge, Sterling Pointe, Strawberry Canyon, Terrace Mill, Veilwood, Venterra, Winsome Path, Winterra, Wyckham.